Generation Impact Offers

Generation Impact Prophetic School

Students will be exposed to Generation Impact's Prophetic School to get trained in the prophetic. They will be trained by seasoned prophets.

Hearing God's voice

Students will taught how to identify God's voice and know without any doubt when God is speaking to them.

Do's and Dont's

There has been too many abuses with regard to the prophetic because of lack of training but here the students will be taught practically what to do and how to do it.

Spiritual Gifts

The students will be trained in the 9 gifts of the Spirit and they will know what they are how to use them not only in the church environment but anywhere they go.

Encouraging Words for others

Students will constantly be encouraged to get Words for others and will be continually evaluated by the prophetic team so that they may mature in their gift. The students will go into this world knowing when God speaks so that they may follow. 

Be sensitive to needs

Students will develop a sensitivity to where there is a need and will know what to as God tells them what to do next.

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